Stay • PhilxReader (Phil Lester//AmazingPhil)

Stay • PhilxReader (Phil Lester//AmazingPhil)

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o i k a t h a By patheticredpanda Updated Mar 12

Meeting Phil Lester in the VidCon isn't as simple as you would imagine.

The more you talk, the more you wanted to stay.

The more you know Phil Lester, the more you know how to love each other.

For love to be seen as you truly are; the urge to stay.

  Enjoy this story of philxreader, complete with gifs and pictures :D

Note :
1. There will be two ships alongside the story:
- dan and dodie
- zalfie 
And i hope there is no such comment as "i dont ship them!" because you choose this story.
3. It's about Phil Lester and you.

I have extreme social anxiety so... That's not happening!😂
alyssafire alyssafire Dec 14, 2016
Pfttttttttttttttttttttttt yeah right I'd just pull out my glue paper and GLITTER and craft alone in a corner hehehe hehe ha
YourpalArio YourpalArio Sep 18, 2016
Heathens/sucker for pain/gangsta/stereo hearts/glad you came/change the world/battle scars/fanboys/ride/car radio ;)
alyssafire alyssafire Dec 14, 2016
OML I thought I was the only one that new it was a thing I was just randomly scrolling on Tumblr and saw someone posted the link XD
alyssafire alyssafire Dec 14, 2016
Idk know so I just said Lamborghini's because that's my nick name XD
bowties_and_phan_ bowties_and_phan_ Nov 14, 2016
why even bother hoping girl, you're probably gonna spill your coffee all over his lap then accidentally fall on him 
                              it's inevitable if your me