Founded By Lin-Manuel Miranda

Founded By Lin-Manuel Miranda

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HamiltonLovesMeh By HamiltonLovesMeh Updated Oct 30, 2016

When you look around and look at the people you see.
Do you look into their eyes, their soul? 
Ever wonder if they saw anybody die?

I do. 

When I was 13 my mother and father were brutally killed in front of me and my older brother Jacob. 
They never killed us for some reason...maybe they had a heart somewhere deep inside... They didn't leave us totally unhurt though.
I was left with a nasty scar on my back and my cheek. 
My brother....went through worse. He was 16 at the time and he promised to keep me safe....So he tried to negotiate with them. That was a stupid idea.
They beat him to a bloody pulp which makes me rethink the whole heart thing.
He was hit in the head so much and hard enough he was damaged in the brain. 
Not only were our parents dead but I was now put with the responsibility of helping my brother...that's a lot to bare at 13. 

I am now 16 and a orphan.

This is the story of how a orphan...can rise up and be more then anybody bargained for.
Sound familiar?

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Maracosida Maracosida Jun 13, 2017
*breaks the fourth wall and Jumps into Daveed's Afro* I'll be safe here.
ViveonVixen ViveonVixen Dec 02, 2017
whenever i see Daveed, i cant help  but say DAVEEEEEED out loud.
chew_10 chew_10 Apr 27, 2017
Lin just a constant reminder the Hamilton was better then Burr
-Kardashian- -Kardashian- Jun 29, 2016
I'm confused can someone please tell what has happened in these past two chapters?
Venus4538 Venus4538 Jun 29, 2016
Hi, I really like the idea and where the story is going. If you are writing a story though, maybe it'd be better in third person omniscient where you can still know what Scarlet is thinking but it's in third person? Just an idea :)
- - Oct 18, 2016
Original is good!! I've been tying to find an uncliche one and I think I finally found one 😉