Eli !! I'm pregnant!!

Eli !! I'm pregnant!!

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Death By Queen-Yuri Completed

Contains g!p or Futanari whatever you like to call it. Mostly a humor and romance filled story between the muse family. 

Summary: Eli gets some life changing news when everyone is called together for a club meeting by Nozomi ! It finds out our tall Russian is having a little baby! While everyone is happy for the couple , Eli is panicking, Nozomi is squealing, and Nico is yelling at them trying to hide this from the media! Come on along and read how they dodge Eli's multiple fan girls , paparazzi, and dealing with a baby while they're still in high school ! 

Pairing(s) - || Nozoeli || NicoMaki || KotoUmi || RinPana || TsubaHono || 

Genre(s) - ||Comedy|| Romance|| Family||

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ThatNotSoBasicBitch ThatNotSoBasicBitch Oct 05, 2017
lmfaooo idk why but im thinking about someone insulting sakura from naruto
ThatNotSoBasicBitch ThatNotSoBasicBitch Oct 05, 2017
abort mission girl abort mission ya dont say "yeah, sure" to something like that lmfaooo
NozoEli_143 NozoEli_143 Jul 30, 2016
I love it pls update some more pls ... its so intersting ^ ^
YuriWriter YuriWriter Aug 03, 2016
This story seems interesting! (Since it is AU) yas. Keep it up!~
lovelivegamer6157 lovelivegamer6157 Jul 27, 2016
Ahh its so good please make another one its so interesting ^^