Dancetale - The Dance of Monsters (Sans x Frisk)

Dancetale - The Dance of Monsters (Sans x Frisk)

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MysticWinds By MysticWinds Completed

Frisk is just some regular ol' girl who loves to dance more specifically ballet but will she change her style a bit when she meets a certain skeleton? Will unexpected love bloom? 

Hey guys winds here! I'm excited to bring to you my dancetale tale story, I do not own the cover nor any of the characters.

And if you don't like my ship then don't read or post hate because of that 

I hope you guys enjoy!
-winds out

Can you change his age to be older then sans so he is the older brother just a thought you don't have to
NinjaBinja NinjaBinja Feb 13
Best description of undyne ever*claps* ten outta ten would read again
GalacticXCandy GalacticXCandy Oct 14, 2016
If you hate on a hater... 
                              Does that make you a hater of haters that hates when people hate and eat hatred to hate for their hating?
I don't think that Papyrus and Sans are a year a part , it's just a thought I'm not judging anyone or anything...
ATFrisk ATFrisk Oct 27, 2016
If we assume frisk fell into mount ebott when she was ten... Sans was giving death treaths when he was eleven?
AyeeSans AyeeSans Jan 08
Oh my God
                              Someone that actually didn't make Chara the "villain"and actually put TRUE facts in her brio