slowtown •joshler•

slowtown •joshler•

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Kalista By planetoverboard Updated Apr 21

Josh was just about to clean the last table when he heard the bell above the door clang loudly.

	"Sorry we're closed..." Josh's voice trailed off as he turned around to see a familiar face standing in the doorway and shivering.

	"Could I maybe just say until you leave, please?" He asked quietly, his voice shaking.

	"Yeah sure" Josh said with a smile, hoping to give him some form of comfort. He couldn't see Tyler's face because his hood was up and he wasn't too sure if Tyler's sniffles were from the cold or him crying.

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I put slowtown on right before I started reading this just so I could fully immerse myself
ok but that literally just happened to a fic i just read ripp
_ashtonn _ashtonn Mar 24
Hey guys she is my friend this is my friend isn't my friend so talented I appreciate my friend
Rivaicifer Rivaicifer Mar 08
I'd do that but forget and freak out like "oh god am i sungwoo now being stalked by my own yoonbum???"
That's true cuz i was reading a fic and this girls ex shot josh in the chest then a police shot her ex and then josh dies like wth