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This book is filled with the batfamily imagines, request to your hearts delight.

Comment a request! It would be preferred if you would write a plot but it's fine either way.

Started: June/28/2016
Finished: Dec/9/2016

cover credit: -voidallison

cleokelly cleokelly Dec 23, 2016
Damian Wayne is just way too adorable. He's my favorite Robin.
Mjchaelsbae Mjchaelsbae 6 days ago
When you are italian and the only thing to be proud is nutella @gravtex #whatismylife
Miss_Kuro_Neko Miss_Kuro_Neko Dec 20, 2016
I'm like the third person tallest in my class, yet when my BF stand beside me I feel like a smol bean....
Rebellious1302 Rebellious1302 Nov 23, 2016
Dude, Damian is like super short so I don't know if tou are making him taller or what, but he is the LAST person who should be talking about someone's height
roxannawolf roxannawolf Oct 26, 2016
" It's not my fault that I'm smart and your stupid af and why are you so jelly of stacking books?!"(ik what you mean)
girlblunder- girlblunder- Nov 15, 2016
*Is guilty of strangling people with the controller cord when I lose to them*