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HARLS By classyfied Completed


 ❛why is it starting to feel 
        like you're batman and im 
                   robin? what if i want to be batman.❜ 

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[ dc comics ]

Serious!!! I'm short in this story!!! I'm Fricken 5'1 and I'm stiiiill short in storiez!!! HOW!?!?!
-misfitting -misfitting Apr 16
Oml, that's the name of my metalwork teacher from first year who left to join the circus
                              I will  forever envision every Mr Brady with a monkey tail mustache
Bruh this no joke my life ! Being short and falling all the damn time .
Boom, I'm in seventh grade in eighth grade math, top of the class. Almost everyone hates me for being so smart, except Sierra.
Bailey5780R Bailey5780R Jan 26
One of my teachers did this once.
                              I got RTC (detention basically) for "Verbally harassing the teachers choices"
RedHood72 RedHood72 Mar 01
Lol I just flunked my math test. Even tho I studied for 2 freeking hours!!