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zarrymsft By zarrymsft Updated Jan 20, 2015

[AUTHORS NOTE] okay I'm new at making fan fiction so I might suck at first but bare with me cause in going to try to make this one amazing okay ? :) 


I didn't know why my mom insisted on driving me to the university it was only an hour away and I could of easily called a cab to drive me. I just really didn't want to deal with her annoying emotional shit when she drops me off, she crys for everything. 

Surprisingly, we didn't speak the whole car ride. The music was playing softly, relaxing my nerves a little. I lay my head against the window admiring the palm trees and the flowers decorating bushes on the side walks. Before I knew it I spotted a sign 'University Of Florida' 

She came to halt causing me to jump a bit from my seat parking the car in an empty space and slamming the door behind her, what was her problem geez

"Get out of the car stephy!" She yelled for behind the car. I hated that nickname, it made me cringe, I preferred Stephanie, it wad better, way better. 


Why is it highlighting the whole story instead of one paragraph
I was like hoe don't do it I though the eyes were Gona be green
Why you ant make a intro I don't know what I'm reading lol this better be good
LOLZME1235 LOLZME1235 Sep 18, 2015
I would've slapped the color out of her skin if she woke me up like that
downinthedumps7 downinthedumps7 Jun 17, 2015
Thats not very realistic tho, like when my sister went to college she wanted all of us driving her, and every freshman there was kinda sad and everyones parents were there, sorry to give u crap but honestly
sxockholmsyndromx sxockholmsyndromx May 16, 2015
you guys know too much about these boys. I just started becoming a Directioner only 6 months ago.. looks like I've got a lot to learn