In My Eyes • Iron Man's Daughter 2

In My Eyes • Iron Man's Daughter 2

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"Life is tough my darling, but so are you" 

What's next in her life as the Daughter of Iron Man? What trials await? She will discover what is real in this life, and what is fake. Friendships will be tested, truths will be revealed... lives will be torn. All seen through the eyes of the quirky, sarcastic, and valiant lil bean known as Jessi Stark.  

•IM3 - A2(AOU) - CA3(CW)•

Angels435 Angels435 Nov 21, 2016
Oh lord I feel like I just lost about 20-30 I.Q. points from reading that. I feel really bad for Jessi and she is a fictional character. Tony would probably throw himself off a cliff, and Nat would flip him just for the fun of it, and Clint would just laugh
Purple_Lollipop Purple_Lollipop Dec 18, 2016
You killed mother.
                              And now there is so much pain.
                              I like all their pain.
                              I'm scared.
                              I want to leave.
                              Please, take my hand
                              Anyone where that's from?
Cheyzlol_klaus_heart Cheyzlol_klaus_heart Oct 28, 2016
I love her yassssss she's one of my many queens.......I love that she's found her hero😜😜
Omg I love these little references lol, only the true marvel fans notice them
Cheyzlol_klaus_heart Cheyzlol_klaus_heart Oct 28, 2016
Hahaha omfg this is like year 7&8 shizzz that's like sooo wrong, like cuz don't call her bro and act real cockyy af 😂😂😂
I ain't pretty, I don't like you, and sure as hell I ain't your bro