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[O N G O I N G]

She liked the darkness. 

There was something about 
not knowing her surroundings, 
not seeing the color of things 
as they appeared, but as they 
truly were.

There was something about 
the unknown, the quiet, the cold. 

There was something unspoken
about the dark, something she 
could never quite put words to.

Something terrifying yet so

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This makes me sad because none of it actually happened and Louis doesn't even know who Evelyn is : (((
Vapor96 Vapor96 Jul 02
I would have passed out from fright if I was Evelyn! So she basically got sucked back into the world of her dream except the dream has now become reality. This is so exciting!
With a sign on my back saying kick me 
                              Reality ruined my life
fookinlouis fookinlouis Jul 01
I can't wait to see where we'll go in this book I'm so excited gotta blast