The Lion and the Llama (Phanfiction)

The Lion and the Llama (Phanfiction)

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Dan and Phil start having feelings for each other, but after one of Dan's nightmares causing him wanting Phil to sleep with him the rest of the night, things start spiraling out of control. (Phan, self harm, swearing etc etc etc)

Ok, I'm terrible at descriptions, but if you wanna know what actually happens read on :)))

-A xx

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samuay samuay Nov 13, 2017
I feel like they would get takeout or pizza not McDonald’s
Lavender-Boy Lavender-Boy Jul 26, 2017
I had an anime binge session and I dreamed I was in Sword At Online...
Spaceotaku Spaceotaku Dec 03, 2017
Baaaahaaaaahaaahaaa ......... Yea no bitch is as straight as a curly fry
theshipment theshipment Dec 27, 2017
no but seriously phan is 100$ real they cant agree that they have never kissed.........i bet they have kissed off camera!!!!!!!
Lavender-Boy Lavender-Boy Jul 26, 2017
At the McDonalds in my town there's this goth girl who looks more like a vampire than anything...
Lavender-Boy Lavender-Boy Jul 26, 2017
Does anyone have a good McDonald's near them? Mine's crappy, and you get used hair ties in your burgers...