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" Bitch fuck you ! " Prada yelled in her now ex-girlfriends face. "My whole fucking family quit on me , you think that i need you ? " she laughed in her face.  

" Leave then bitch ! " Santana yelled at Prada. "  On que , Prada grabbed her already packed bags , and threw them in her car. 

" Fuck you bitch ! " she yelled out of her window. At that moment she didn't care. 

Fuck Santana , Fuck Ma , Fuck Pa , Fuck everybody who doubted me. Prada thought in her head.

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auggybearAlsina auggybearAlsina 3 days ago
Yeah I know ya baby mama 👶🏾fontin me all she wanna do is smoke that broccoli whisper in my ear 👂🏾 she tryna leave with me said that could get that pussy easily THATS MY SONG LOL