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Tomboy In an all boys school

Tomboy In an all boys school

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Breezy By Briredrose Updated Feb 17

Just another All Boys broading school story.
Only with a huge twist.

{Not edited]
Cover by: Mx_xox

OhShitWudUp OhShitWudUp Jun 30, 2016
I read it wrong and thought that it ment that she was 6 yers
lil_caramel_angel lil_caramel_angel Jul 28, 2016
DAMN she stupid tall the only difference in us is her FRICKIN TALLNESS (and age)
Ravenerd_Hufflebrat Ravenerd_Hufflebrat Jan 23, 2014
my name is Ashley. My best friend's last name is West. weird.
kim2495 kim2495 Oct 09, 2011
this is good but you need to watch your grammar and spelling :) and the spaces are messed up, you should try and sort that out to make it easier to read other than that good start:)
XxSaRaHxX8D XxSaRaHxX8D May 06, 2010
r u gna upload any time soon
                              i'll make sure to read -if u upload- when i get back in one month 
                              hope u'd upload by tht time:)
TorturedSouls TorturedSouls Apr 11, 2010
I recon this story could be reaally good depending on where you take it, you really need to edit though -not that i can talk- looking forward to seeing it to further xD