Invisible {Demi Lovato FanFic}

Invisible {Demi Lovato FanFic}

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Romy has a secret.

Demi has a secret.

Can you keep them?

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sabsmysavior sabsmysavior Feb 21, 2016
Ugh I have to blink like evey five seconds just to stop myself from crying
sabsmysavior sabsmysavior Feb 21, 2016
Yes good idea insulting always helps sort the problem out dads are the best! *note the sarcasm*👍👍👍
underseapeanut underseapeanut Oct 25, 2016
Let's do it again but someone get a timer. Demi's gonna set a record
MidnightRaven321 MidnightRaven321 Jan 12, 2016
omg im crying... i hate all tht crap with those stupid mean girls sorry guys its just idk... wht evr can u guys plx check out my story I Wanna Tell You, it would mean the world to me since i LOVE writing which some people think is stupid but wht ers Cheers 
                              Stay Strong Romy Love Ya
tylerh0eseph tylerh0eseph Nov 19, 2015
every school has abully ignore them unless it's physical don't fall for the "At least im not a tattle tail.." Its only tattleing if it's like "Jeremy sat in the wrong seat!" Or something like that but tomenting telling on that is not being a tattle tail
seekerravenclaw seekerravenclaw Sep 23, 2015
Damn insulting your even younger daughter that has the same if not worse problems as your Other daughter and your youngest has probably had them for longer