Reincarnated In a World without Tea

Reincarnated In a World without Tea

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Angel Ou-Yang By clipped104 Updated Jan 30

Tea did not exist! A 6 year old girl Alea von Wakachamu suddenly realizes this, after constantly having  déjà vu moments. This was a serious matter as her love for tea was on an obsessive level. Tea-lover, tea-enthusiastic, tea-addict, tea-crazy. Without tea in her life, it's tea-rrible!

While observing other strange things to the culture of the world, she realizes why she found her name and surroundings familiar. There was a popular novel known as 'Charmed by You', that constantly kept fans on the edge. It was even adapted into various media. But the series ended and fans were outraged, because their ships weren't canon in the end. What was a romance novel without its romantic ending??
Well, you've probably realized by now that it was popular in her previous life... and that she is currently reincarnated as the villainess. No worries though, because Alea is determined to help her favourite ship set sail! That is if she manages to befriend the male protagonists~

But a romance novel can't end without a romantic ending for herself either, right?

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MoeNaomi MoeNaomi Sep 09, 2017
I read Sherlock Holmes books and reading this is just so hilarious XD
ChiyoBunny ChiyoBunny Nov 30, 2017
She looks like Levy and Gajeel's child ..- wait wrong story/anime
madebymara_ madebymara_ Sep 20, 2017
Omgg I absolutely love this! Would you mind checking out my Camp Half Blood fanfic? Thanks! :)❤️
OozoraCielo27 OozoraCielo27 Apr 29, 2017
Russia calling America with a "kun" 
                              I wish you luck America
demoniixally demoniixally Mar 25, 2017
What is this anime and why are the characters calling each other county names?
Mizushi-hime Mizushi-hime Sep 29, 2017
Seriously this is the 10th times that i re-read this story, i REALLY REALLY love it, I'm looking forward for the next update