The Vampire's Fall

The Vampire's Fall

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Elizabeth Duivenvoorde By ElizaDuivenvoorde Updated Nov 14, 2016

The first of the Creatures of the Night stories.

Vampires, fairies, werewolves, zombies, mermaids, and so much more. They all co-exist inside in the Dark Forest.
Vampires and werewolves have been at war for years, but thankfully the marriage of the youngest vampire Princess and the nephew of the werewolf king will bring peace to the Dark Forest.
Or will it?
A new army is forming in the shadows. New enemies will surface. Only one monster can end it all.

Fallow Callisora, a human blood addicted princess, as she struggles to keep herself in line for the sake of the ones she loves. Farran, a wolf slave, who's choices lead her away from her duties. And Akantha, the blind vampire princess, who isn't as helpless as she seams.

  • dark
  • elf
  • fairy
  • forest
  • gothic
  • mermaid
  • ogre
  • shape
  • shifter
  • sprite
  • vampire
  • victorian
  • war
  • werewolf
  • witch
  • wizard
  • zombie

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