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Good Girl|bwwm|

Good Girl|bwwm|

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lil|bill🔭 By simpletthings Updated Feb 01

Sitting alone on the park bench at 12:00am was normal for me. Since refusing to take medication, I often took long walks to the park to handle my anxiety.
  The only thing not normal about this particular evening/morning midnight; was Peter Nicklaus.
  Sitting here next to me. Bags under his eyes. A hood over his head. And his hands delicately folded in his lap.

simpletthings simpletthings Oct 06, 2016
@queenmimi1230 I obviously clarified yesterday that I could not think of the song name, and I gave you a reference for it, so if that doesn't work, stop wasting my time then.
simpletthings simpletthings Oct 06, 2016
@queenmimi1230 I can't think of the name right now, but if you search up Jhene Aiko and Kendrick Lamar songs, you should be able to find it.