A life We Live : Totally madness

A life We Live : Totally madness

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He sat down on the ground, leaning his back on the cell grills. his one leg was slightly raised with his arm on it.
"This is the life we live harls, our lives is a totally madness! Hahahahaha!" 

Harley quinn was in her cell opposite to his. She lean her back on the wall, while wrapping her arms around her knees.
"I'm happy being there for you puddin. No matter what happen, I will always be your harley quinn."

Harley quinn was abandoned by the joker when they met an accident. Batman saved her and threw her in the Asylum. From there, she met her doctor who became close to her and the reason why she felt some jealousy.

Read their story. This is going to be insane. Explore their Mad Love haha haha! 

Bye!Bye! *jumping in the pool of acid*

Y did this make me laugh I dunno 
                              This is reminding me about Madagascar when King Julian said that that thing with the long tail that Gloria held us so annoying 
                              Soz I can't remember his name if u do and know what I'm talking about just say ☺️
Akama303 Akama303 Sep 11
I feel like this would be a good story but your grammar is way off
Poor harls I like this but I'd like to see one from her point of view
Cat_L0L1234 Cat_L0L1234 Oct 04
Says the man that uses clown makeup! {IM SORRY LOVE YA MISTAH J}
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Hey, my voice isnt annoying! It's just a lil bit high pitched, jeez Mistah' J
That is not true it takes my 15 minutes tops at the most if I want to put make up on and do my hair. And that is not that long