Fairy Tail Virgo X Reader

Fairy Tail Virgo X Reader

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AJ Torres By Relentlezz41 Completed

Fairy Tail is one of my favorites. The characters, the comedy, the action, the love, you name it this is why it's great. 

For those who haven't caught on X Reader style I actually like. It's a nice chance to out yourself in that spot and picture someone especially yourself. 

In this reading it seems like everyone is part of a couple. You start to feel third wheel. But Lucy has a trick up her sleeve. But not for battle. She's helping a friend which is you. 

I do not own anything from Fairy Tail. Just using characters to write a story.

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godswill2155 godswill2155 Jun 26, 2017
Great Job so far, if the title didn't say Virgo I would've never guessed.
Jugsmgee Jugsmgee Aug 07, 2017
There's a Naruto joke to be made here but I'd like to think I'm better than that. 
                              Now if you don't mind I should be going but before I do, Kage Bunnshin No Jutsu
Dude....for the last time
                              PUT SOME MOTHER F(Squak) PANTS ON!!!!
Well, I'm lonely, and we need a plot. So who gives two flying f#@ks if you're not cut out for this. This is a story.
purplefox14 purplefox14 May 14, 2017
Well natsu will were one sleeve but the arm with the guild mark will be gon lol
Dj_Master_Woolf Dj_Master_Woolf Dec 22, 2016
Gray don't need no tux. All he need is a fancy black pair of boxers and a red bow tie. 😆