It's Complicated

It's Complicated

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Libra23 By Libra23 Updated 9 hours ago

"It' happened once, get over it! We ain't got shit to talk about!"

"It only takes one time! Whether you like it or not YOU will deal with this"

"Fuck I will! Get out my face shawty!"

"You're impossible! So you're just going to walk away!"

"What I need to stay for? I already said what I had to say!"

"I'm pregnant, that's what!"

Damn, this's complicated!

Story of Dana Williams & Desmond Green

Starring Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty & Chris Brown

- - Jun 28
Hell no. I wouldn't be comfortable with such whatsoever. Its one and only -- not one and plenty.
If I was a guy and she said that she's pregnant by me, it's no questions asked. Idc if the baby isn't mine. Robyn is my baby mama, that's it
PatriceMain PatriceMain Jun 29
Whoa this is a totally different direction, that your stories normally go, and you know what? I love it, Love it love it. 🤗🤗🤗 three claps for another story that is going to have me hook. Big ups @Libra23
- - Jun 28
You shouldn't even be comfortable with the multiple women bs.
og_breezy og_breezy Aug 20
Ok huarache gon let him be in a open relationship and then leave when you find out he got a baby let me find out you taking secrets trips to see someone he got beef wit we gon fight
pamiewamie pamiewamie Jul 05
Your stupid for being ok with him having to entertain other girls and your his 😒😒