Baby Wolf  under editing

Baby Wolf under editing

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owlhunter18 By owlhunter18 Updated Jul 01

Warning in this book there may be
if you are not interested in theses things please do not read. 

In this world werewolfs rule the world humans and werewolves Co exist but werewolves are superior there is the alpha king the ruler of all the world the alphas the leader of and clan/place and the comeners the humans and regular wolves there is also omegas the servants. In the werewolves life's they each have a mate human or werewolf the dominant mate is the daddy or mommy and the submissive is the baby. It has always been like this the higher the ranking the more dominant possessive and super protective and the alpha king is looking for his mate well he find her? will she except him?
Or will there hardships tare their lives apart? 

I am bad at spelling and I do read every comment so if you chose to something negative I will respond

  • alpha
  • baby
  • ddlg
  • disutopia
  • gaurds
  • king
  • love
  • lover
  • luna
  • mate
  • omega
  • possessive
  • protective
  • punishment
  • short
  • small
  • spoiled
  • submissive
  • utopia
  • wolf
keira__S keira__S May 11
I would die no phone im dead, no TV im dead, no junk food im dead, no new cloths im dead... so i would be pretty screwed
5'1 would be just below the shoulder of a 6'6 person on half his height.
I was gonna roast the mess out of that picture but then I saw it was Tyler. 😂
alexsa6850 alexsa6850 Jan 22
OMG, it's a picture of young Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon😍
She looks like my friends big sister, If not, slightly less good looking