Drown (JacksepticeyeXreader)

Drown (JacksepticeyeXreader)

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"What would you do if you knew this is your last day on earth?"

"I would spent it with you!"

"And what if you didn't know it?"

You only need to know that you and your friends are 20 years old. It might as well has strong language here and there.

And also... it's a sad story

In my head that's a bit cliché
                              But ok
                              Imma roll with it
                              THEY SEE ME MOWING
                              MA FRONT LAWN
                              BUT OH THEY JUST THINK THAT I'M WHITE AND NERDY
Only reason y imma go 2 college is bc my parents r making me
Icantnames Icantnames Jun 07
What is with me?
                              Just inviting some random people that might turn out to be stalkers/murderers to my house!
callmemags callmemags Jul 07
I saw it (the hg) and wondered : wtf is that supposed to mean
So I'm going to change Brooks name because my names brooklyn
I took his hand, and ran away with it. It is my hand now. I could use an extra hand with my school work.