The Way I Loved You (Hayden Christensen X Reader)

The Way I Loved You (Hayden Christensen X Reader)

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HAMILTON By Star_Wars_Fangirl_ Updated 5 hours ago

You were the rebellious teenager. You did anything to get anyone's attention, you were a tomboy, and you never had any intention of falling in love at first sight in your senior year of highschool. You never really dated before, because all the guys you knew just wanted to be friends with you. 

That was until Hayden arrived at your school. You had to admit, he was cute. Really cute. You got all flustered and you had died 1,000,000 times on the inside when ever he smiled or talked to you. 

In this romance fanfiction, takes place in the U.S., at a regular highschool. The reader takes some twists and turns with Hayden, building a slow friendship. But when the end of the school year comes, what happens? Will you both stay together? Or will you fall apart and never see each other again?

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savy_bapt16 savy_bapt16 Apr 06, 2017
CANADIANS ASSEMBLE! (Sorry... I'm a huge marvel fan.. if you get the reference..)
SugarEevee SugarEevee Feb 03, 2017
Wait when does this story take place? Instagram didn't come out until 2010
gfanatic123 gfanatic123 Jan 31, 2017
We all wish this would happen to us in real life... yet i'm still not even in high school...