Hybrids.- H20Vanoss

Hybrids.- H20Vanoss

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\(● - ●)/ Hello People! By CauseWhyNot18 Updated Feb 18

Vanoss also known as Evan was a normal rich teen with a beautiful life. Or so he thought... He got kidnapped by people who make hybrids. He didn't know that until they told him. He discovered more stuff about his parents and he felt betrayed and hurt. He never knew another person knew how he felt.

H20Delirious also know as Delirious or Jonathan was a normal teen living a normal life. He wasn't rich or poor just neutral. Or so he thought. He never knew his parents had a dark secret until it was too late. He got kidnapped and taken to the place where they do sick experiments to make them a hybrid. He thought he will never be normal again and that he will never get a person to feel the same way as he did. Boy was he wrong...

What will happen when they meet each other?
Will they ever find the dark secret hidden in the place?
Will they even fall in love?
Will Delirious's voice get him in trouble?
Will Delirious's bad side take control and destroy everything?
Last and finally will they even survive?

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MaroonDuskq MaroonDuskq Jan 15
I wanna start reading this story, it looks amazing tbh, but I get freaked out when I have to wait for it to be finished haha, can't wait till it is finished so I can start reading it 0v0b or I may break and start reading early ;))
I like how delirious plays with a YouTuber named dead squirrel 🤣
BoredomGuah BoredomGuah Jan 20, 2017
Actually that chemical is called chloroform (I think) and it's got this bitter clean smell to it that makes you're mind go numb
Lifeless_Marionette Lifeless_Marionette Oct 12, 2016
No.... Not the corn flakes.... Fruity pebbles... Coco puffs..... Not the cereal.... Anything but the cereal.... Nah jk, really love ur story already tho, good job!
BoredomGuah BoredomGuah Jan 20, 2017
Thrashed!!! Rather than moved it makes the story more intense and sorry if you don't like the comments I just thoughts I'd try to help out some
InsaneYaoiWriter InsaneYaoiWriter Sep 24, 2016
I have a delirious/inherent side. My eyes are always pitch black though