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The (not so) Average Thoughts of a CBG

The (not so) Average Thoughts of a CBG

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The Professional Fangirl By CBGlovesbooks Updated 2 days ago

Prepare for loads of randomness, monologuing, venting, raging, outbursts, yelling in general, ideas, stories, humorous things I come across, stupid slightly inspirational thoughts, and basically the (not so) average life of a CBcorn. (Get it? It's me as a . . . unicorn. Without the G . . . You don't care? Oh . . . okay . . . I kind of thought it was nifty, but whatever . . . I'll just end this supremely awkward description . . . I guess. Well . . . peace out and all that demigodishness. Bye. Wait not bye, unless you don't click on this book. Did you even read this useless description? You know what, I'm going to shut up now. Have fun reading the thoughts that spiral through my head, if you even choose to. *hands out cookies to persuade you to read this since there'll be many cookies in store*)

uniquegalaxyforever uniquegalaxyforever Sep 01, 2016
Newt... I know newt scammander from fantastic beasts, no other newt.
AK6007 AK6007 Aug 10, 2016
*takes cookies while running around screaming NEWT like a crazed fangirl, because that is what I am*
Niamh1234567890 Niamh1234567890 Aug 10, 2016
I've actually thought a lot about this too... and I scare the cr*p out of myself because of it.
CrazyCreeper339 CrazyCreeper339 Aug 10, 2016
Don't have an existential crisis on me CBG, cause trust me, they suck.
JAMR25 JAMR25 Nov 28, 2016
To top of my bad day
                              *fake smiles*
                              (Plz don't take that offensively)
dreamerunderskies dreamerunderskies Sep 18, 2016
Are you okay you look like you were having an existential crisis