Second Chance » an OBC Hamilton Fanfic

Second Chance » an OBC Hamilton Fanfic

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LLaMaYeTTe By llamayette Updated 13 hours ago

Alexa just wanted everything to get better, that's all. Her life was the unimaginable.
Until one faithful day...


This is a Hamilton cast fanfic, just so y'all know...
Also my Hamilton IG is now llamayette but I'm too lazy to remake the cover for now lol

Tries to make it different from all the other adopted by Hamilton hahhah
Honestly, I don't think that not letting your child but music is cheap. I mean, if they are paying for it, sure, but if you are saying he's cheap for not buying you music, that's wrong.
This would be me and I wouldn't even realize it until they left
Xfrosty_ajx Xfrosty_ajx Jul 14
These stories have some type of emotion to them in the first chapter :) I like it!
I'm rlly liking this concept! it's rlly different but I love it!