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_LittleBunny_ By SelahG123 Completed

Book #2 of the 'The/My -----'s My... MATE!' Series. Strongly advised to go read the first book 'The ALPHA's My... MATE!' First.
I walked into the school and the most amazing scent hit me. It was a mix of rain and pine trees. 
'mate' A faint voice in my head screamed. Even though I don't have my wolf completely yet I can here her faintly. I follow the scent and I don't like what I see when I find the source. I have no way of seeing his face because he's standing sideways kissing another girl. I can't help but feel jealous and I don't even know who he is. A few seconds of jealousy pass and now all I see is red. I take off and grab the girl and push her against the wall. I look at her. I've seen her around a few times I think her name is Macey. She's in my pack. She's automatically scared because I'm her future Alpha and way stronger than her. I have one hand around her neck and the other is gripping her hair. She has tears building up in her eyes. I still have no idea who my mate is and it's killing me. Finally I speak.
"Stay away from MY mate!" I say in a low deathly tone. she struggles but shakes her head in agreement. I let her go and she drops to the ground. Finally I turned to face my mate. And that is  when I realized My BROTHER's My... MATE!
Jasmine or Jass as most people know her is the future Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. Her twin is James or Jamie. They are the kids of the current Alpha and Luna of the pack aka Kyle and Winter Phillips. The day before their sixteenth birthday Jass goes to a friends house. And the next day she goes to school and finds out her brother is her mate. 
Wanted to do a quick quote.
~Some say your twin is your other half, some say your mate, well, mine's both.~
warning will contain mature content. I will let you know when it's in there.

Rockabellum1000 Rockabellum1000 Oct 31, 2016
I'm hoping it's not her biological brother bcuz that would just be kinda disturbing.... like it would be incest... :/