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Demonic Chronicles

Demonic Chronicles

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purpleninjaownage13 By purpleninjaownage13 Updated Dec 20, 2010

Aiden Rayne is a normal guy. Or so he thought. Aiden's soul was sold to the devil before he was born. Now he has no choice but to join Satin's arsenal of demons and become one. He gains supernatural powers and eternal life but it comes with a price. Can Aiden fight the irresistible urge to kill? This is his story.. <3

Twihard11 Twihard11 Jun 07, 2011
Well you should keep writing. It's got me hooked so far, so keep going. More people will read if they see that it has more than just one part to it. So keep goin. Don't stop. :)
                              oh and mayb u should add in a girl. ;)