Inevitable Defeat || August A. Alsina

Inevitable Defeat || August A. Alsina

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TheTempestMind By TheTempestMind Completed

"Why I can't help you, Noelle?"

"Because there's nothing to help me with! I don't need your help! Now, leave me alone!"

"How do you not need by help when there's an eviction letter on your door, you have to put your fridge in front of the door because people can barge in easily, you're getting chased after cops because you're too young to be living alone. Now tell me you don't need my help."

Yeah okay so I hate Narena already and she should've been swallowed.
Qveen_D_ Qveen_D_ Aug 12
How she gon go to her room if you kick her on the floor? Where they do that at?
Bitch nigga if you don't give me my damn chips - I woulda got all types of slapped round 😐🖕
SomiyaJ SomiyaJ Aug 28
Ummm this is God calling we denied your access to the heaven. Forgiveness can not save you from hell.
I love how she's digging an even bigger grave for herself. I'm just waiting for her to fall in.
I love how authors put thought into these covers 😂Ion even read descriptions. If the title and cover intrigues me, I read ❤