Inevitable Defeat || August A. Alsina

Inevitable Defeat || August A. Alsina

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"Why I can't help you, Noelle?"

"Because there's nothing to help me with! I don't need your help! Now, leave me alone!"

"How do you not need by help when there's an eviction letter on your door, you have to put your fridge in front of the door because people can barge in easily, you're getting chased after cops because you're too young to be living alone. Now tell me you don't need my help."

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shay_shay112 shay_shay112 Dec 10, 2017
Wtf🤦‍♀️bitch take your child uu really wanna leave your child in the hands of a damn train!her pussy Been searched through more than I search through my book sack looking for homework😴😴
This is beautiful 😍😍😍how did u get the smoke there. What app did you use👏🏽👏🏽❤❤
Nah I can’t imagine him as Mexican. Alot of Mexican ppl I meet are kind.
_BabyGirlA _BabyGirlA Jan 30
This be me when I realize all of mine belong on the short bus 🚌🤦🏾‍♀️