The Kitty Whisperer || Lirry & Larry

The Kitty Whisperer || Lirry & Larry

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Lecree By LouAndI_Larry Updated Apr 07, 2017

Harry the cat hybrid has been a bad little kitten and Liam doesn't know how to get him to listen

Louis is a hybrid tamer who's job is to get Harry to listen, and he does.

Just not to the right Daddy

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harryslilbigtoe harryslilbigtoe Dec 29, 2017
This literally sounds like my 5yo cousin he throw a fit because his mum made him have a hair cut it was pretty funny
Where's the Larry? I need some Larry. Lirry's cool too, but Liam's kind of like an older brother to Harry so sometimes it's weird
JaJillLover JaJillLover Jan 02
Cute and sassy?!?! Me likey!!! Harry describes me and my friends completely 😂😂😆😆😆😆😆
Larry_StylinsonCO Larry_StylinsonCO Dec 26, 2017
I'm a larry but I'm okay with any smut that contains Harry and any member of 1D since to me, Harry is shippable with all 4 of them