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strawberry-chan By strawberrykiller37 Updated May 06, 2011

The year is unknown. Time has long since stop counting as soon as humans began to delve into ETC- Electronic Time Configuration. Humans can now control time, space, and even the perfect utopia. That is, if you can even call them humans anymore. Your potential partner is decided by your genetic coding in order to produce the best, and perfect offspring for the world. 16-year old Aris refuses to be any part of it, running away and stumbling upon the Resistance. A natural fighter, she finds her fate as the head of the frontier. Redolent.

rockmysocks rockmysocks Mar 26, 2011
I love utopia stories!! ♥
                              Only two mistakes I saw though :3
                              Still, good job~ :D >voted<  x3
rockmysocks rockmysocks Mar 26, 2011
Really good prologue!! :D  I like how dark everything is... :3
strawberrykiller37 strawberrykiller37 Dec 22, 2010
@soccerathlete hehehehe xDD
                              @nicollettenikki d'aaawww thank you ^////^
nicollettenikki nicollettenikki Dec 22, 2010
@strawberrykiller37 Well then I can't wait to read this even more than before! 
strawberrykiller37 strawberrykiller37 Dec 22, 2010
@soccerathlete LOL YAH. it was so stuppiiddd D:< and yeah.... that..s a long time..
                              LOLOL. it was just my random word spazz i do when i get agitated. LOL xDD 
dearbeloved dearbeloved Dec 22, 2010
@strawberrykiller37 YOU TOO!? I thought our pathetic town was the only one that had a cloudy sky!? *sighs* guess we'll have to wait another 5 years or so
                              omgksldk . . .? Never heard of that, whats it stand for?