Dedicating Every Day to You

Dedicating Every Day to You

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a girl trying her best By hufflepuffprincess17 Updated Oct 13, 2017

Kathryn has been in the foster care system for all thirteen years of her life, bouncing from family to family in New York. She's not unhappy- she likes the people she stays with. She has a best friend and a mother figure, and she doesn't mind being shifted around. 

To Kathryn, life is an adventure.

She's in for the adventure of a lifetime when she's adopted by John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton, along with the rest of their wacky coterie- President Washington and Secretary Thomas Jefferson, "aunties" Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy, and their revolutionary friends Lafayette and Mulligan. 

Drama and excitement abound as Kathryn experiences the thrills and pitfalls of being a politician's daughter. Will Kat ever find a family? And most importantly, will she ever be enough?

Safe for all ages. There are a few mentions of child abuse and bad situations as a kid, but no bad language or inappropriate content.

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I get it...Jackson replaced Washington...Diggs replaced Jefferson.
hotdamnitsbrit hotdamnitsbrit Jul 15, 2017
*spends most of time there* *sleeps by statue*      I am that fan!
DoctorSherlock DoctorSherlock Dec 04, 2016
I just pictured you walking around this little boy named Jackson who is lying on the floor xD
hamilton_trashh hamilton_trashh Dec 03, 2016
I'm confused, isn't this supposed to take place in the 1700s?
starrhealer starrhealer Jun 28, 2016
I feel like you just quoted hercules(o_o) i love Hercules the movie
ActualSiriusBlack ActualSiriusBlack Jul 12, 2016
*bats-toi comme un homme.
                              You didn't use the proper grammar but that's alright ;) good job finding that phrase