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Deserving Better?

Deserving Better?

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CA By Tostrongtocry Updated Jul 03

"Don't freaken come near me! Go back to your girlfriend. I didn't mean to interrupt your love fest. I was just looking for a broom." I say trying to control my anger as best I could. How could he? This is not how it is supposed to be. When you see your mate for the first time. They are not supposed to be almost doing the dirty with someone else. No they were supposed to be your everything. And you were supposed to be there's. 
"Don't speak to me that way." He demands his deep rough voice breaks through my mind babbles. "I am a prince. No one speaks to me that way." 
I scoff at his words. Folding my arms over my chest. And cock my right eyebrow. I try to keep my voice even and free of my internal battle "Well you are no prince of mine, and I don't see why you should deserve any respect from me. Respect must be earned. So if you would just excuse me I just need to grab the broom and dust pan." 
I push past him and grab the broom just inside the closet. Not even giving the girl a glance. I am glad I am wearing the long dress wide hooded jacket I always wear. So when I brush past him slightly I don't feel any sparks. 
He goes to grab my arm. I move away quickly. "Don't touch me! Don't ever touch me! If you ever come near me again I wil knock you out. Go touch her she is willing enough." I turn to walk away broom in hand. 
I feel him grab onto my elbow to turn me to face him. I turn swiftly pulling my sleeve over my hand covering my fingers, and jab two of my fingers into his neck hitting his pressure point. Making him drop to the ground with a loud thud. "I said do not touch me!" I storm off with the girl he was with earlier freaken out. I smile and giggle like Harley Quinn.

Idk if you want people to comment spelling errors, but uh it's spelled nerve*
carissa89 carissa89 Oct 10, 2016
Awww, why couldn't Triston be her mate? I really like him. He seems sweet and they get along so well.