[Sasuke x Reader] Understanding

[Sasuke x Reader] Understanding

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"Where did you go?"

The leaves on the tree above you swayed softly, along the rhythm of the wind that blew serenely. Sitting in the shadows, you have your legs tucked to your chest, your head resting on the arms that wrap around your legs. Your [color] hair floating under the wind's carry.

[color] irises darken deeply as you looked down on the glimmering grass under you.

The full moon is out tonight. It shined its lunar light upon everything, making them all show out beautifully, despite it being night time. Lights from lamp posts are turned off, so everything isn't as bright as the daylight.

You wipe the trailing tears from your eyes and cheeks and continued to sit there. Closing your eyes, you indulge in your dreams and inner thoughts, falling into a deep sleep. 


"Are you okay?" came a voice. It sounded like a...