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[Akatsuki x Reader] Neko Members

[Akatsuki x Reader] Neko Members

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NatalieBlueBoy By NatalieBlueBoy Completed

As if things couldn't get any worse for you today, you just woke up to the sound of some of the Akatsuki members screaming bloody murder when you were having a nice dream of warm milk.

"Danna! Look! What the h*ll happened to me!? Un!" 

"Ugh, Deidara, what in the world could you possibly wake me up for this nonsense?" 

"Danna! Look at yourself! Un! You have them, too!" 

"What the h*ll are you talking about?"

And what put Sasori off guard was the sight of red cat ears and a fluffy tail protruding from his head and bottom. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming, but they were real. Turning back, Deidara also had ears and a tail. Cue the blood-curdling screams.


You sighed heavily and got off your bed, hugging your pillow close to you. The morning was starting to get rougher than usual, so might as well try to make the best of it. Starting with the usual brushing your teeth, you noticed pointy ears from your head, replac...

kadiewadia kadiewadia Feb 23, 2016
...... excuse me for a second *barfs in toilet and brushes teeth again*
shadowexorsist shadowexorsist May 12, 2016
*runs into bathroom and vomits then brushes teeth violently* God dammit Tobi!
FaustusXD FaustusXD Jul 24, 2016
I need that potion (ik it not real but to be a neko -eyes shining I WANT TO BE A NEKO NOW!!!!!! -always have-)
Jacklyn_JJ Jacklyn_JJ Dec 05, 2016
Really?Cat poison?i think i wanna to eat fish right now...kisame...
Kisame_is_my_bae Kisame_is_my_bae Aug 10, 2016
at ,hash tag, dollar sign, percent? that's a funny thing to be on the mind
Xx_Aria_Chan_xX Xx_Aria_Chan_xX Jul 23, 2016
Lol everyone is like catfish and I'm like don't you think it's weird that Kisame and Itachi are alone? In a locked bedroom? *wiggles eyebrows*