Coincidences; Dan Howell X Reader

Coincidences; Dan Howell X Reader

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Now in most Youtuber x readers, the reader normally bumps into the Youtuber on the streets, moves in right across from them, or is also a Youtuber and conveniently meets them. 

Not in this book.

You're 24 and have no idea what to do with your life. So what else to do than move in with your cool aunt, juvenile cousin, and slightly annoying grandpa. Except your aunt gets a new boyfriend...who's name is Phil...Phil Lester. And of course when he comes for vacation, Dan can't help but tag along. You can probably tell where this is going.

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That sounds like your accurate grandma, except my rl grandparents fight, but in a funny way, and yeah, she drinks sometimes, her mom did for, but  she is not depressed about it,  the sassy part, and stuff, yea that's her
We are the offspring of the oldest making it possible for us to have a 3 year age gap
stepthefuckupnat stepthefuckupnat 4 days ago
I just realized everyone actually loves him lol 😅 totally wasn’t making fun of him haha whatt
Okay but she sounds like me. I'm number 8 of 13 children, I've been an aunt since I was 1,  and I'm really not taken seriously by my siblings because I'm forgetful and clumsy....
Notetoself-Getalife Notetoself-Getalife Aug 31, 2016
I'M BANNED FROM CANADA. If you get that reference then I love you
_ThatRandomDude555_ _ThatRandomDude555_ Nov 21, 2016
Wait. Why is my grandma marrying a 30 year old freaken man