Touken Ranbu Randomness + Cracks!

Touken Ranbu Randomness + Cracks!

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あり By EvartsArielLynn14 Updated Nov 18

Have you ever wondered what the swords do in their spare time??? Well now you'll find out what a typical day for them is like!

From a relaxing day to Sayo getting his face slammed into the doorway by Taroutachi. Things couldn't get any better than that!

So come join me and your favorite Jiji in a fun filled adventure where every chapter is a completely different topic and setting and endure the confusion that your about to step into.

DANE-sempai DANE-sempai Jun 29
Finally someone said it!! 
                              And here i am thinking Hotaru's Oliver without the eye bandage
DANE-sempai DANE-sempai Jun 29
Kaneki quits Tokyo Ghoul. Cause fans made coffe of his face. Kimda looks like people ate the ghouls this time.. 
                              He got embarrassed and became a sword instead
DANE-sempai DANE-sempai Jun 29
All i could say about this dude... 
                              does he even open his eyes? I lold cause close eyes amkes him look extremely sleepy..
Well, someone's been hanging out with Kashuu and Kasen for too long.
DANE-sempai DANE-sempai Jun 29
O wait... this is Hakata... *facepalm*
                              I always get confused with those two and their names *facepalm*
                              But yea... that could be a possibility
DANE-sempai DANE-sempai Jun 28
Omg. That really happened Sayo? Omg. Souza should've posted that on facebook