The Nether Trap (Zenix X reader)

The Nether Trap (Zenix X reader)

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Alexis Ro'Maeve By AGKraftyGamer2257 Updated Aug 20

You are still a child.
You were kidnapped.
From your home. They left your sister and brother but took you.
Why? Your not special. Well that's at least what your father always told you.
When you were thrown into the nether, you weren't the only child there.
Zenix, Gene, Vylad, Sasha, and Laurence.
Your eternal friends caught in the Nether Trap.

•none of the characters are mine•

*may be cuss words*

I kinda wish I was late to read this because there would have been more chapters to read...
YAY! There isn't many Zenix X Readers for MCD, so I'm looking forward to the future of this boom