TMNT Dare/Questions Street Punks and Swag Turtles (ON HOLD)

TMNT Dare/Questions Street Punks and Swag Turtles (ON HOLD)

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TMNT_01 By TMNT_01 Updated Oct 16

Me: Hey guys so some of you voted if i should do this book aka dare/questions Street Punks i'ma do it 

M.C: Your sure that's a good idea *eating pizza*

Swift: Of curse its a good idea*wraps arms around my waist*

Rebel:Your sure it's still a good idea


Me: Yeah as long as they don't send dirty dares* try to get out of Swift arms*

Rebel: Swift let Dakota go

Swift: Fine* let me go*

Me: Thank Reb

All except Ghost: send us dares and questions

Swift: especially dirty dares for me and Dakota* start running*

Me: SWIFT * chase him around the crib*

Rebel and M.C: bye

Chevzzzz Chevzzzz Jul 23
Soak your T-shirt in water and put them in the fridge for 20 min, and then wear it ~ MC
                              Call Your Crush and Declare that you love him ~ Dakota😏
                              CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE! ~ Ghostie/Batman
                              Have Swift Dress you in anything he likes ~ For Ma Boi Reb
                              ZANKS! Stay Awesome!😎
                              MC: to  prank Rebel without Rebel  chasing him 
                              Ghost: show me all his guns 
                              Rebel:  eat bugs 
                              Swift: go stay in the closet for the the whole 3 next week