I Like You Not?! [TaeTen]

I Like You Not?! [TaeTen]

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antasha By TZTTTSHA Updated Feb 10, 2017

Ten and Taeyong are both different in many ways. But they were same when it came to passion on dancing. Will love actually bloom between the cold beast and the thai boy once they were partnered up?  

Dedicated to Taeten shipper. 

[Book 1 of Neocultureseries] 

Start: 24 August 2016
Finish: 8 January 2017
Beautiful cover by my cutie  dongsaeng; @JustTooRandom

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actualtrazh actualtrazh Jul 04, 2017
actualtrazh actualtrazh Jul 06, 2017
Yoo yall got money
                              Hook a sista up with "a small loan of a million dollars"
DemiWizLord DemiWizLord Oct 11, 2017
The closet thing I have to a sibling is my all my cousins on my mums side
SpringDayOverdose SpringDayOverdose Sep 04, 2016
O meeee godddd!!! I love range rovers they look so sleek not to mention how cool they look I love how it's taller than normal cars if u get what I mean...? No?thought so, lel🍃
SpringDayOverdose SpringDayOverdose Aug 21, 2016
Omo--!!! So fricking cute!!!!!*dies of kawaiiness*
                              *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
                              Lol anyone watch anime...?hehehe
Itsnotmypenguin Itsnotmypenguin Jan 12, 2017
I want a brother :( all I have is an older sister and she sucks