Things To Do For Lucy

Things To Do For Lucy

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RosemaryScarlet83 By RosemaryScarlet83 Updated Aug 30, 2016

Natsu Dragneel is know to be the life of the party. The captain of the football team. The most popular boy in school. But no one knows the truth.

Lucy Heartfilia is know to be a hyperactive book worm. She'll take on life and whatever it throws at her. She'll finish a book and blab about it for days on end. But on one knows the truth.

When Lucy finds out the truth about Natsu, that he will eventually die from a terminal disease, she admits to him that she has a defect as well.

When Lucy encourages him to make a bucket list, just like she did, she quickly starts helping him fulfill all the things on the list, with the help of her family's money, of course.

Most of the things Natsu wants to do before death knocks at his door are pretty dangerous, but with Lucy by his side encouraging him the whole way through, he's willing to do them.

Join Natsu and Lucy on their adventures to fulfill their bucket lists and see what 'Things To Do For Lucy' Natsu has in store.

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