Usernames || A Garmau Fanfic

Usernames || A Garmau Fanfic

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Emily By _Shippers_Unite_ Updated Sep 05

6 unlikely friends.

4 enemies.

2 lovers.

The #1 game of the year.

All this will turn their lives upside-down.


The Dork.

That's what I'm called at school.

I'm not the only one though.

Other people are treated the same way, but I've never talked to them.

Why bother?

It's not like they're.........them.

The ones who call me, "The Leader", whenever I log on.

The ones who actually care about me.

The ones who I'll never get to meet.

Because the only things that I know about them........about her..........

.............Are their usernames

(I do not own any of the characters. They belong to @Empress_Aphmau.)

(The Amazing Cover was made by @_-Mystery-_)

Scugamogaly Scugamogaly Aug 15
I hope that this time they checked the headgear for oh, I don't know, THINGS THAT MICROWAVE YOUR BRAIN?
Omw that's as long as I waited for TWDG Season 3!!! (The Walking Dead Game)
Garroth is the definition of me in this story so far wow I'm soooo AWSOME #NerdyGamerGirl huehuehue
So, if Aphmau takes Asuna's role, i guess she should be 'Aphmau' in the game, right??
AmyTheDorkyReader101 AmyTheDorkyReader101 Sep 05, 2016
This is mostly like me, I don't have many friends and online I make friends but usually that friendship fades into the dark