Adrien/Chat Noir X Chubby Reader

Adrien/Chat Noir X Chubby Reader

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bluebellcookie By bluebellcookie Updated Dec 18, 2016

Your chubby in a cute way and I shouldn't say anything cus of the spoilers

 don't worry its a happy ending 


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Devour the brains of blonde plastic spoilt brats with faces caked with makeup- I'm sorry Chloe but it had to be said. Love you. Also, my favourite food is pizza. Like to eat it while I bathe in the blood of my enemies.
                              Chloe: O_O
JuliaUchiha JuliaUchiha Dec 01, 2017
Nah, I'm not pretty enough to be a model. Don't get me wrong, I think I'm gorgeous, just not model pretty.
cassrock78 cassrock78 Apr 05, 2017
Honestly it's my poor legs that take the fat but they look great in my opinion and I look way better than those skinny girls
tectonicArtist tectonicArtist Oct 30, 2017
legit my favorite food is carrots ❤ their very filling :3 the only reason I'm well 190+ lbs is because when I was a baby I had to be pumped full of like.... medication that had a side affect of "minimal weight gain" I was 60 pounds at like 10 months.... I have yet to lose any weight lmao.
No way Jose. She's getting the bee miraculous,a new Kwami Pollen, gonna be Queen Bee, you'll see she's not as rotten as you thought she was and yeah. #villainsarepeopletoo. Love you Chloe!