Fatal Obsession ||Rewritten||

Fatal Obsession ||Rewritten||

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I gave myself a displeasing look as I stared my body up and down in the mirror. I had gained weight and my confidence was slowly boosting down. I wasn't feeling beautiful as I used to feel. 

A firm stern voice called out behind me. "Stop looking at yourself that way. You're beautiful." My whole body went tense at hearing his voice. 

"Why so tense darling? Do I scare you?" He whispered in my ear after darkly chuckling. His hands planted firmly on my hips caressing my sides. 

"I hate when you touch me." Because you make me submit to your touch and I become helpless around you is what I wanted to add. 

He chuckled darkly planting a wet kiss on the side of my neck. His hand reaching for my neck. 

"I don't recall you stopping me last night." He whispered. 

I look away, ashamed of how my body reacted every time he touched me. When I looked back up, I found looking down at my stomach. 

The grip on my neck tighten. The color in his eyes harden. The look on his face was replaced with a murderous stare. I began to struggle to breathe and I squirmed under him. A hard blow landed on my stomach and I screamed loudly. 

With tears in my eyes, I looked back at the mirror. In his eyes, he held a sinister dark look and a disturbing smile. 

"Don't forget who owns you darling."

Warning ⚠️

Will Include The Following; 

✦ Daddy Kink

✦ Sexual Content 

✦ Mature Language

✦ Not An Incest Story

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I'm so confused. Isn't Margaret the one girls name that is trying to be belle
Dope_Boy_Zuko_2017 Dope_Boy_Zuko_2017 Dec 08, 2016
They should be fine. I was born a month early...
                              Though I don't understand baby growth so don't listen to me. :D
ali_rod3 ali_rod3 Dec 08, 2016
Can you also post a pic of all the characters?? Pretty please 😫
ShatterMe97 ShatterMe97 Dec 08, 2016
They should be fine being a month early although due to the situation the shock didn't help bc stress is triggering for unborn babies
simran_kkhan simran_kkhan Dec 08, 2016
Oh. Thank God everyone is fine. The boys are born! Rejoice! Bella will get better. Don't you worry Nicolai, you're writer is awesome.
JuliannaM11 JuliannaM11 Dec 27, 2016
Bruh that was my advisory teachers name last year, remember @Skymedia_fangirl