Cyrus' Fate

Cyrus' Fate

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Jordyn By JordynAJ Updated Nov 05

(Sequel to 'Felix's Sister') 

Reunited with her brother, Cyrus lives a wonderful life in New York with her family. Her past continues to haunt her though she doesn't recall why and she suffers from night terrors as she subconsciously remembers all that she's done. 

Pan has made a deal with Hades and is temporarily released from the Underworld to seek out Cyrus and fulfill his unfinished business.

The prophecy remains unfinished and Cyrus- upon remembering who she is, fears returning to Storybrooke because of this. However, when she learns the town is in danger of the Queens of Darkness, she must decide what she is willing to sacrifice. 

With the dark influence around her, she must also fight off the darkness inside her heart or risk taking back her place as a monster to be feared.

Peter Pan!! Ahhhhh!!!! Please make Jacob die in a nasty accident or something I really don't like that guy
*gasp*YOU'RE SO EVIL!!*points at you*
                              Lol lol you're laughing while we're suffering and dealing about Cyrus preggers and all that Hazz with Jacob like ugh...I love this author
Omg!!! 1. She's pregnant! Awwww!!! 2. I still ship Cyran and definitely NOT Cyrus and Jackob! 3. Oh my god!!! Is this Peter Pan?!?! Ahhhh!!!!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!