A Dragon's Bond

A Dragon's Bond

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Sannebeck By Sannebeck Updated 3 days ago

#62 in Fantasy on 12/21

The Kingdom's glory days are long gone. It once rang with laughter and happiness giving testament to its greatness. Mankind was at peace with it's powerful allies, and the promotion of knowledge was held above all else, giving rise to incredible prosperity. All things were right and calm in the kingdom.

     Seemingly overnight, flames and screams rang through the kingdom, scarring its beauty indefinitely. Weeks, then months passed, until now there is only silence and servitude. The oppressive ruler ever watching from her castle of fire and death.  

     The masses have risen before in attempts to free themselves, only to be cut down quickly and shown the futility of their hopes. 

     There are powerful forces and beings, lying in wait, hidden from the world. The time will come when they will be joined and given the opportunity to bring about peace.

Will these heroes rise to the challenge?

Or will they fall with the rest?

I have just recently completed the story and will begin going through and editing, any help would be appreciated.

Also if you have any artwork that you believe would look good for the cover of the book I would love to see it.

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Great story and all I honestly love it but maybe next time try and let us know about POV changes its a little confusing to have to figure it out plz keep writing bro I love the book😊
Corszy Corszy Mar 28
Great start! And very well written, especially for a first go.
KSN2501 KSN2501 Apr 23
The introduction itself has got me hooked. Amazing start! Love it.
sweetcandybean sweetcandybean a day ago
I think its better if you change "the college" to another name. Because that is a common term/word or whatsoever you call it.
                              Well thats just my opinion, but other than that i like how the story runs.
Sannebeck Sannebeck Aug 13, 2016
Thank you I appreciate it. I just got started on your book. I can't wait to read through it later tonight.
JoyMarcelino5 JoyMarcelino5 Aug 23, 2016
Well my grandson you have caught my interest so I will read on some