How do you love {Travlyn FF}

How do you love {Travlyn FF}

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Advice for anyone looking for love: love is always the last place you look. It could be that guy at the park or that girl you always  see at the mall or even that guy across the street. You never know. Love is complicated. That's how love works. You can find love at the age 8,16 or even 51. But one thing for sure is that love always finds a way. Follow your heart and you would be surprised at what you find. 


Most characters in this story belong to Aphmau so go check her out. She is amazing!!! GO TRAVLYN!!!!   (๑˙❥˙๑)

Why can I just imagine Travis giggling like a little girl as he skips.
                              Travis: ehehehhehehehehe *skips off*
TamaraHarris1 TamaraHarris1 Sep 06, 2016
What the hell everyone I know your in love and all but you don't do that when someone has the key to your house and you know might walk in
H41ley H41ley Nov 29, 2016
XD it sound like Travis is on the yellow brick road just skipping
ur supposed to paly the song above along with it XD I might do that for my books...idk :P
- - Jul 30, 2016
You should've let me read it here so it was a surprise. Now a few chapters are ruined *cries in a corner* you used my husband against me
CultLeaderPixl CultLeaderPixl Aug 21, 2016
XD travis's pov XDDDDDD i laughed and woke up my cosion who was staying the night XDDDD