Young Justice One Shots

Young Justice One Shots

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Mystique Rose By MystiqueR45 Updated Nov 23

A bunch of young justice one shots. I will do mostly characters X reader but if you want a OTP, I could do one. 

It could be any characters from young justice season 1 or 2

Request are available.

What is Nightwing doing coming there at midnight? It would make sense if he lives there, but he doesn't.
could you do a robin/dick grayson x a reader whose the daughter of poison ivy and has the super power of nature maniplation? her sercret of her heritage comes out but he tells her it doesn't matter. also the reader is best friends with artemis and megann
Could u do a nightwing x reader where they're best friends. And the reader is in love with nightwing and he doesn't know. But you know his real  identity but he doesn't know urs. So when you're in trouble not as ur superhero nightwing saves you 
                              Sorry if it didn't make sense 😂
Can you do a Superboy x villain reader; where the reader is super flirty with Superboy and in return he gets very nervous/flustered or he can be his normal short tempered serious self. And the plot could be an epic battle (kind of like in civil war), with the young anti-justice league.