Acnologia's Secret Daughter

Acnologia's Secret Daughter

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((((;゚Д゚))))))) By VoicelessGhoul Updated Nov 03, 2016

Lucy has a secret that's pretty big. It's something that could make or break her friendship and bonds she has made. 

She is Acnologia's daughter, and can't tell anyone but what if one pink haired dragon slayer finds out? 

Lucy had to figure out a way to keep this secret and hide her true self from the guild, will she be able to keep up the act?

BeatriceDragneel BeatriceDragneel 6 days ago
Speaking of trains.... Why does Lucy didn't get any motion sickness like the others... 
                              Bcoz maybe she is a sky maiden just like Wendy.... 
                              Oh... Right...
coolbackuplol coolbackuplol Dec 18, 2016
🎶🎵Shush shush blush blush NASTU is YOUR big fat crush🎵🎶
Shadow_the_She-Wolf Shadow_the_She-Wolf Dec 25, 2016
@DramaticDeatheater ya know people make mistakes and i bet if u already of did write a book u make mistakes to but u dont got to be a fūcking dïck about it ya know thats just being an ásshole