The Story Of Two Emos [Book 1]

The Story Of Two Emos [Book 1]

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Kelsy By RenesmeeRcks Completed

[2013 Edition!] 
Vanessa Ebony has always wanted to fit in but she never could until she met Rex who introduced her to a whole crowd of people she wouldnt of wanted to piss off. She then has a near death experience and meets Jace who promises to show her the beauty and the kindness of the world where as Rex always showed her the dark and evil side of the world. Unable to meet up with Jace she struggles to find a way to meet him again and is determined to spend the rest of her life with him.

* Thanks to @nobodyshero_x for the awesome cover!!

** Yes! It's finally edited !!

*** Closer Insights coming soon!!

  • abused
  • backstory
  • beaten
  • birthday
  • blood
  • car
  • cheating
  • conflict
  • crash
  • crazy
  • death
  • decisions
  • depressing
  • emo
  • fake
  • fight
  • fun
  • games
  • happiness
  • kiss
  • kisses
  • late
  • love
  • mother
  • movies
  • murder
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  • slut
-Horror-Movie-Fan- -Horror-Movie-Fan- Jan 27, 2016
That sounds kinda funny. "Yeup, my bro is a slut." XD I love it so far.
- - Aug 12, 2014
OMG freak by the downtown fiction strayed playing like 2 seconds after I read this XD
Srodr83 Srodr83 Dec 04, 2010
Already the first page and I'm hatin some imaginary peoples, haha tis very exciting! :D
MoniqueTheRippah MoniqueTheRippah Nov 15, 2010
That was really goood!!! I wonder why her dad doesn't like her, i thought all dads did. I feel so sorry for Vanessa and Rex; they have mean siblings :(
                              Do upload more pwetty pweeeese????
blowmeharry blowmeharry Nov 15, 2010
Thanks for dedicating this to me! It really means a lot. 
                              Also great story so far! I really hope you continue. (:
stupidity stupidity Nov 14, 2010
oooh im the first to comment its so weird rex's bro trying to rape her. try n put something like rex falling in love with her instead of rex's brother.