Fighting the Alpha

Fighting the Alpha

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I smelled them as soon as I had walked out of the bathroom at the Diner.  Werewolves.  When I glanced up I saw two tables filled of them.  I knew right away; aside from the smell, they were huge and muscular.  I saw one staring at me in particular, but quickly pulled my gaze away and bolted to the door.

Her pack massacred before her 10 year old eyes, Livvy had been living in isolation far from society for 8 years and she wanted to keep it that way.  On a rare trip into civilization for supplies, she unwittingly crosses paths with not only one of the most powerful Alpha's in the country, but as it turns out, he's her mate too.  But Livvy wants nothing to do with a mate, especially an overbearing, overprotective one like Wyatt.  

Will Wyatt catch his mate?  Most importantly, if he does catch her, will he be able to keep his feisty mate from escaping?  And will he be able to uncover the secrets of her past before they come back to haunt her?

Bubble12 Bubble12 Sep 11
I like how she's not a white wolf but it still falls into the "I'm so rare and special" category that she might as well be a white wolf. It feels like every single werewolf book makes the girl a rarity and it gets old quick
I am glad that her wolf isn't white, but did you know that black wolves aren't actually fully wolf? They are wolves the have breed with a dog!
mizaarie mizaarie Oct 19
I'm sorry but your dad must be smoking dïck. Wtf kind of life is that?
mizaarie mizaarie Oct 19
I'm happy she isn't a weak lil bïtch though because sometimes that gets on my nerves
When you see 'pure blooded' in a sentence and you think of Harry Potter
Marauders.... Okay first I thought of the Malfoys with all the mentioning of the word pure.  Now Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs.